Tons of features in a small package

Wergo® Smartwatch is a phone, navigator, music player, sports sensor, camera… You can customize the device to meet your needs just like your mobile phone. Choose your favorite applications in Google Play Store!

Wergo® Smartwatch is packed with features that are usually found only in a full sized phone. The heart of the watch is a dual-core Cortex-A7 – 1.3 GHz processor and the soul is Android 4.4 operating system. The memory capacity of the device is 512 MB and 4 GB of dedicated memory. In addition, you can expand the memory by using the micro-SD card to up to 32 GB.


Wergo 02

Calls straight from your wrist

By placing the SIM card into the watch, you can make and receive calls without an additional phone in your pocket. You can use compatible Bluetooth headset or speak directly to watches loudspeaker and microphone. Listening to music with headphones is also possible with your favorite music service such as Spotify.

Stay connected

Send SMS messages and use the 3G connection if you happen to be out of reach of WLAN. Share photos and videos with your friends on social media as soon as you want – you only need the Android applications such as Facebook and Whatsapp Messenger. Read more about applications.


Handy charging dock

The watch comes with a handy charging dock with a USB cable for connecting to a computer. You can charge the device and transfer files and the applications with the dock. The dock enables that there are no additional holes in the watch for the connectors – making the watch more resistant to dust and moist.